Week In Review: February 12, 2014

February 13, 2014

Thor: God of Thunder #19

I waited through that last arc for both Ribic to return to Thor (an absolute must) and for us to get out of the more fantasy-based universe and return to Earth. Both of these things happened here, but the story somehow fell a little flat. Thor courting a new “girlfriend” is fun, sure, but it’s becoming more and more apparent that the entire God-killer/God-bomb story was almost a fluke, as Thor just isn’t all that interesting in the modern age. His young and arrogant self is fun, and his surly older self is ripe for introspection, but his current era version is almost too plain, too controlled, too perfect. Thor needs to be conflicted, he needs to be challenged, but he is too much of a Superman at this point to be interesting. The art is beautiful as always with Ribic, and the last page was a knockout that got me drooling, but all in all I’m not sure how much faith I have left in this title. Grade: C+

All-New X-Men #23

Just a lot of treading water here. Waiting for the trial to begin, characters are meeting, not really doing all that much except joke and make looks at each other. Typical X-Men universe events, especially once they leave Earth. When will the Brood show up? Are we going to see the M’Kraan crystal? Who cares?? It’s great to see Immonen back here, but really it’s just more filler with no real punch behind it. I want out! Grade: C

Winter Soldier #1

This book straight up revisits the year 1966 when Shield and Nick Fury were in full swing. Spies, espionage, witness protection, and then you throw evil Bucky into the equation, it’s a great revisiting to classic comics with a twist. I was happy to see original Nicky here having a fun time with spying, I hope he sticks around. The premise that is setup by the end of this issue made me only wonder where Remender will take things next, and I trust he will do right. One of the few instances where I welcome double shipping, because I’m hungry for more. Grade: A

Marvel Knights X-Men #4

What Brahm Revel has been able to do in this stand-alone series is great. He’s trimmed down the characters to a minimal amount, able to focus on actually having the characters deal with the situations they find themselves in. It’s very personal and intimate, which you don’t normally get with the big two. There is a lot of dialogue here, the pages are slow and steady, and the pacing is spot on. Revel’s little run here really delivers want I want from an X-Men book right now, and I love the darker tone of the MK title and I hope he writes more Marvel stuff in the future. A definite up and comer here. Grade: B+



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