Week In Review: January 29, 2014

January 30, 2014

Black Science #3

The other day I decided Remender is one of my favorite writers working today. He isn’t afraid to take risks, to push his characters almost too far at times. Black Science exhibits a lot of that, and by the end of this issue he finally explains some of the actual “science” behind Black Science. It’s only being divulged in trickles, but the concepts and possibilities of this book are really cool and interesting. My main struggle with this book is that I am not sure who is narrating at times, which characters I should really be following. It seems like it’s a team book, but the narrative boxes aren’t assigned to an obvious person. I’m still not familiar with really anyone, what their names are, and there may be too many of them honestly. While I would probably scoff at an entire page breaking down each character, this is one of those instances where I would forgive a page telling me who is who. I’m still into this book’s premise and I trust Remender in knowing what he is doing, I just hope that it becomes a little more focused from here on out to make it easier to follow. Grade : B

Uncanny Avengers #16

God Remender is just unflinching in his assault on the Marvel Universe, isn’t he? Either he has a plan for all of the consequences of what he is doing here, or he is just trying to challenge Marvel to undo what he has done after he leaves. Another character bites the dust here, two of our heroes are disfigured, and life on Earth seems like it’s about to end. McNiven’s art is refreshing in this book, but it suffers from some symptoms of being rushed here and there. Remender once again shows why this is probably the best comic from Marvel right now. Thanks sir. Grade: A-

Thor: God of Thunder #18

Another single issue arc from this series between “volumes” and before Esad Ribic returns in issue #19 (about time!), this is another “young Thor” story where he learns a lesson. It’s nice to visit young Thor again, because he is probably more interesting than the current Thor, and there are some great comedic moments here, but as a single issue, it does move really fast, and the story seems kind of pointless if I am being honest. Mainly because the lesson Thor learned seems out of nowhere. My guess is this pertains to the next chapter in this series, but as a standalone issue, it’s too fast and not impactful enough to make me think “Oh, Thor has changed”. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great. Grade: B-

Guardians of the Galaxy #11/ #1

I’m sorry, but the Trial of Jean Grey is a total mess already for me. The gist of what this and All-New X-Men are presenting is that the Shi’ar Empire is putting Jean Grey on trial for her actions during the Dark Phoenix Saga. It’s just very illogical, and I just don’t appreciate the coming back to that major event in this way. Wouldn’t the Shi’ar have put her on trial on one of the many times she had come back to life before her younger self was brought into the present? Someone in this book even says “Yeah, but she hasn’t done that yet” and it’s brushed off. That’s a solid point, added to the fact that nothing can be done to change the past. The Jean Grey that was actually the Dark Phoenix is dead, twice. I feel like that makes any trial pretty moot at this point. And worst of all, this detracts from the actual Guardians comic itself, which is still pretty fun, witty, and somewhat refreshing given that I’m not familiar with them as characters or a team. Keep the Guardians out of this, get back to more intergalactic shenanigans please. Grade: Bummer (C+)


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