Week In Review: August 14, 2013

August 17, 2013

Thor: God of Thunder #11

This title is still one of the best. The finale of the Godbomb plot line is a little confusing for me, a little too season finale of Doctor Who “magic dues ex machina” for my taste, but ultimately it serves fine for the finale. I don’t know how else you could end that story. While I have enjoyed the time-travelling insanity that was this story, I wonder what will come next. Hopefully Ribic stays on with Aaron for at least a few more issues, please don’t ruin the magic here Marvel.

Trillium #1

Jeff Lemire and I have a pretty sordid past. I first read his Animal Man and couldn’t applaud it enough, and although I had my problems with it, Sweet Tooth was definitely a title worth reading. Other than that, Lemire and I don’t really see eye-to-eye for some reason. Maybe part of that is that he seemed rather off-standish when I met him in person, maybe it’s that his work has a bit of pretense to it that can be a little sour-tasting, but Trillium seems to be an exciting new title. True, a lot of similarities between Trillium and Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain spring to my mind (Mayan mythology, time-travel, love and death, etc.), but hopefully that is a symptom of introduction and doesn’t stay throughout the entire run on this mini. I will keep reading, but it did feel a little too familiar to me for me to really say I enjoyed it.

All-New X-men #15

Bendis is still messing with this really weird title, and the space-time continuum should be completely nuked because of how much stuff they are really messing with in this title, but oh well, Beast and Jean Grey are kissing so it’s cool, right? Seriously, this book just doesn’t give a f**k. It’s enjoyable, but it’s hard not to feel like someday everyone will wake up and say “What a weird dream!” or some other nonsensical ending with absolutely no impact or payoff in the Marvel U, but until then, I guess I will keep reading. Gotta remember though, Immonen isn’t penciling every issue, so watch out for that in the future (it’s hard to read without him).


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