Week in Review: July 24, 2013

July 25, 2013

Red Team #4

There is not enough Garth Ennis in my life after the end of his amazing Fury run from earlier this year, but Red Team fills at least some of the void left behind. As I become older and wiser (or at least I would like to hope), I seek out more and more dialogue and character driven stories. I don’t really need the imagery to blow me away, I need something more substantial. Ennis is one of the best writers out there, past and present, period. He’s had his ups and downs, which certainly deserve further investigation, but Red Team is definitely proving to be one under the “ups” category. While I am tiring a little bit wondering who is interrogating our red team, and every issue ends with “…and who would have thought, we would have gotten away with it, if only we had just done this one thing differently…”, but Ennis has made an interesting crew of characters and I am definitely enjoying the vigilante angle. Definitely worth checking out.

Uncanny Avengers #10

I really don’t know why, but this is seriously one of the better titles out there from Marvel right now. It pains me to continue reading this title with such fondness. Perhaps it is because it is a nice blend of old-school, character driven, team-books from my youth with the more contemporary and aggressive antics of modern comics, but this is pretty consistently impressing me. Just when I think I am going to check out, Remender pulls me back in. There were some things here and there that bugged me, but overall this title is just a fun one and Remender is giving me a lot of what I didn’t think I would enjoy, but certainly am excited to read this book every time.

Batman/Superman #2

The art of Jae Lee is pretty spectacularly on display here, and is truly the saving grace of this title. But does that mean it is actually good? It doesn’t quite feel that way. I was really confused the entire time reading, and it didn’t help that I couldn’t remember what had happened last issue either. On top of that, the recent news that a Batman/Superman movie is starting to ready it’s engines left a sour taste when reading this title. Art was great, as always from Lee, but overall, I may not pursue this one much beyond this issue. Sorry…


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