Comics in Review: June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013

Small haul today!

Superman Unchained #1

To appease to our resident Superman obsessive expert Chris Clow, I bought this issue with a grain of salt. I had followed Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing and Batman runs for the New 52 with very little staying power (Swamp Thing started out fine, but by the time Rotworld was in full effect, I had gotten tired of it, and Batman never really got its hooks in me), and to say Jim Lee is iconic goes without saying, but his style and skill hasn’t developed in years and he might even be getting worse at this point as hard as that may be to say or even comprehend.

As I have not been in the know of what/how/who Superman is in the New 52 really up to this point, this issue had me totally confused and desperately trying to understand any of the characters and events going on. I claim full ignorance here, but most of all, Lee’s ability to cram detail into every panel furthers the confusion and distraction from the words Snyder wrote. I left this feeling like I had just fast forwarded through a television episode and been asked to describe what the episode was about. I saw a lot of things, but couldn’t tell you one thing about it storywise. Needless to say, I will not be reading further, but I did try at least.

Guardians of the Galaxy #3

What is essentially “The Avengers…in Space!” didn’t really go very far in this issue. We have some further exposition on the intergalactic game of thrones/power struggle that may be going on, and it’s driven home that these Guardians function as a true team and seem pretty unstoppable when motivated. This is a fun read, and a fun title, but I can’t help but wonder if this is in fact going anywhere different than we have seen before in the pages of something like Invincible (the father/son dynamic more than anything). I might keep reading it, but I’m still not overly invested in it on the whole yet.

Thor #9

Thor continues to be one of the few good comics being produced right now (especially of the big two). The teaming up of Aaron and Ribic is a godsend, one that has maintained for 8 issues and as long as they work together, I will be reading this title. Again, Aaron keeps the story and characters tight and concise. This is a Thor title and it is about Thor. Period. It is grand in it’s environment, but focused in it’s purpose, which is so welcome as I can just read this and enjoy it without worrying about twenty different characters and a ton of background story or pre-existing circumstances. This is Thor vs. Gorr. This is what this title is about and it is what comics should be about. This is proper characterization, development, and world-building. Yes. Yes. Yes.


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