Questions for Travel Foreman

March 1, 2012
  1. Where did you grow up?
  2. Who or what do you think your first artistic influences were growing up?
  3. When did you decide you wanted to be an illustrator? How did you pursue that as a career?
  4. Who are your biggest influences? In comics? In other art?
  5. Whose work are you enjoying the most right now in comics? Artists? Writers?
  6. Describe your own style. What are your biggest strengths? What do you hope to improve on?
  7. If you could draw any title from any period of time, what would it be?
  8. You seem to be somewhat off of the radar. Your twitter handle is literally a question mark. Do you think you shy away from the public? If so, why?
  9. Describe your experience with Animal Man. Did you enjoy working on the book? Do you wish to come back to the title one day? What has been your experience with it’s considerable success?
  10. What are you looking forward to doing with Birds of Prey? Are you apprehensive about working on it after Animal Man (are there expectations)?
  11. You have expressed not always enjoying working on certain titles, specifically Immortal Iron Fist. How do you approach working on a title you simply do not want to do? Do you look back on the work you produced then with a grain of salt, or are you proud of it? Why didn’t you want to work on that title?
  12. You once tweeted (so sorry to use that term) that you don’t do commissioned work, but if anyone sees a sketch they like, you will send it to them. Explain your thought process behind that.
  13. Do you attend cons? Will you in the future?
  14. After Birds of Prey, what would you like to be your next project?
  15. What is your workflow like when producing a page? Do you work sequentially or out of order? Thumbnail sketches? etc.
  16. Who would you love to work with?
  17. Do you read comic books? If so, what are you reading? Any recommendations?
  18. What equipment do you use when penciling?
  19. How much freedom do you get when drawing for Marvel or DC? What can and can’t you do as an artist while working for them? Have you ever had to drastically alter anything under those restrictions? What are the pros and cons of working under the bigger publishers?
  20. Outside of comics, what other things influence you and your art? Movies? Music? Sports? etc.
  21. When you aren’t drawing, what are you doing?
  22. If you could go back to your teenage self and give any advice, what would it be?
  23. Why do you do comic books? What interests you the most about it? If you weren’t an illustrator, what else would you be pursuing?
  24. You have some projects of your own in the works. What is the status with those and can you divulge any info about them?
  25. In ten years, where would you like to be in your career?

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