February 25, 2009

In possibly the most ambitious and potentially “iffy” move ever made by movie producers, an Avengers movie will be made.  After the success of Iron Man and the glimpse of potential for the Hulk, Marvel is doing a possible coup de grace getting other big player characters in one movie together.  While this has fanboy’s everywhere drooling, I remain wary of the pitfalls of such a task. I mean Sooo much can go wrong here. The first thing that everyone should be wondering – who will be involved?  Here, we have gathered our resources and minds to come up with this ultimate cast for the Avengers transition to film.


Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr.  

It’s pretty much a given that no one else could play Stark as RDJ already has.  Stark is Downey Jr.  ‘Nuff said.


Captain America – Daniel Craig

This is a tough one.  A Brit playing the icon of America?  Craig has already proven himself as a Bond for the ages, why stop there?  True, he turned down the role of Thor when asked by Branaugh for that film, but in a perfect world, he would absolutely rule the roost as Cap. 


Bruce Banner – Jeremy Davies

Perhaps the tiniest blip on the radar in terms of “star-power” here (although his popularity on LOST is on the rise), it makes perfect sense then that Davies take on Banner, the unsung hero and alter-ego of the Hulk.  Davies is small, skinny, but also possesses a tortured and hidden dark side that I don’t feel has really been expressed in the past two Hulk movies, at least very well.  


The Hulk – Javier Bardem

Not trying to say Bardem is ugly or brutish in any way, but the main thing that the Hulk has missed the last few films is he is computer generated.  I’m not saying we paint Bardem green and give him a puffy wig, but motion capturing Bardem into a CGI Hulk (a la Crudup as Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen) would give him the human identity he’s been missing.


Thor – Karl Urban

It was a unanimous decision.  Yes, poor Urban has already seen his share of warrior roles (LOTR, Pathfinder) but he’s been in those roles for a reason.  He’s tall, handsome, and would carry the role of a thunder god with ease.


The Wasp – Rachel McAdams

Not only does her youth inject a much needed life to the team, but the Wasp has always been a pretty face. McAdams would be great here as someone who could build on the rather weak character and make it her own.  


Giant-Man/Goliath/Yellowjacket – Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce was made for a superhero role.  The guy was a bodybuilder once after all, and he has a kind of edginess to him that would work very well with a character haunted by the insecurities in his life.  He would breathe life into this otherwise blase character.


Black Panther – Djimon Honsou

In the shortness of African actors who are both strong and have some acting cred here in America, Honsou is one of the only choices for the Black Panther.  He’s got a ferocity to him that would lend well to the Avengers “loose cannon” member.


Nick Fury – Samuel Jackson, George Clooney

Well they’ve already said Jackson will be Fury in the movie (though there are rumblings of trouble here), but I would like them to go a step higher and throw Clooney in the mix as well.  Clooney of course matches the traditional Fury, but you throw in some spy related talk about how Fury always has to change his appearance to stay hidden, and it works perfectly. 


Vision – Paul Bettany

True, Bettany was already the voice of Jarvis in Iron Man, but then wouldn’t it also make sense for him to be the Avengers cybernetic hero the Vision?  He’s slender, sharp, and can play cold while still being empathetic.  

While the paycheck to assemble such a team would be huge to say the least, such a team would also be one of the most amazing line-ups ever brought to life.  Think about it…



  1. SinaMolitui Says:

    & Me, Sina Beathea as Spider woman! 🙂

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