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Stuff Read 12/10/08

December 11, 2008

In the wake of Marvel’s Secret Invasion ending, Marvel is going to have to muster up some decent single-title work.  Right now, I am only really into Thor, Eternals, and maybe Avengers (whichever version that may be now), but honestly I’m kind of getting sick of Marvel.  I know, that was heracy, but Marvel seems to be returning to one of the aspects that made me leave comics before – masturbatory.  Every issue ties to another, every plot line bleeds into another plot line: it’s confusing.  Plain and simple.  Anyways, on to this weeks stuff…

Invincible #56 – Invincible is one of those titles that I really didn’t think I would enjoy as much as I have been, but lately, the goings-on has been kinda boring.  There is way too much lull in the events that are taking place.  I think Kirkman must be setting up a lot of pieces to the bigger picture, but still, a lot of what happened in this ish seemed to be pretty negligible.  

100 Bullets #98 – 2 more issues to go, and I am just as confused as what is going on here.  Again, it’s a problem to read this title month to month because it really should all be read in one sitting.  I’m looking forward to when this series ends, just so I can read #1-#100 and hopefully feel good about it.  I have faith it will all work out in the end, but I’m wary of, again, so much stuff going on.  

Dark Reign #1 – Bendis and Maleev (Daredevil) team-up again for this Secret Invasion fall-out issue.  It’s interesting to see what could be brewing here, but I am having trouble really seeing too much of a threat from this alleged “Dark Reign”.  Namor and Emma Frost are both historically troubled, but not villains (and I was a bit miffed to see Namor essentially dumbed down to a thug in the issue).  The threat here seemed only to be Harry Osborn trying to pull a Lex Luthor and control the world.  It’s just kinda…silly.  I’m losing my faith in Bendis, as hard as that is for me to say.  But I am hopeful that he and Marvel handle this delicate situation well, because my future as a reader may just depend on it.

The Walking Dead #55 – This series needs to come to an end quick.  It seems like it might be leading up to that, but I am tired of fake psychosis and nothing really happening.  I can’t keep track of who’s coming and going anymore, and frankly, all of the characters save the boy are forgettable at best.