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The Next Batman Cast o’ Characters???

July 25, 2008

It’s somewhat sad that we are already wondering “What’s next for the Batman movies?” when The Dark Knight has only just been let out onto the tracks, but fandom is fandom and it’s on everyone’s minds, and here we are.

So who or what will be in the next one?In the world of Batman that Christopher Nolan has created, we are rooted more in realism/plausibility than fantasy.It would seem that the more eccentric Bat-villains, like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, or even Penguin wouldn’t really work here (at least not in their truest form) and should be thrown to the wayside.  I think it was a great idea to show the Joker in TDK, because it completely deviated from ideas people already had, and gave us something new and exciting.  Even the newest incarnation of Two-Face was welcome, as the strange taste of Tommy Lee Jones’ version was washed away.

But still, we should hope that the next one (assuming there will be a next one) will look at those characters we haven’t yet seen on the silver screen, and make them just as cool and interesting as those in TDK.

Killer Croc – I think they could and should try him.He’d be great as both a throw-away character or another major player in the next film.I honestly thought that Thomas ‘Tiny’ Lister was Croc in The Dark Knight, he had the perfect look and tone down (until he showed his true, somewhat heroic colors).File those teeth down to points, throw some sort skin disease/deformity on him, and you have Killer Croc.

Mr. Zsasz – Very easy to do as he is basically just a serial killer who marks his body count on his flesh.Anyone could play him, he doesn’t have any sort of fantastic element to him, and he would be perfectly functional in the Nolan world.

Clayface – They could do it, just tone down the “I am a morphing blob of clay” to “I am a prosthetics and make-up genius” and it would totally work.Make him a little smarter than he was in the comics and he would be a great lead villain, because after all, what’s better than a criminal you can never identify?

Mad Hatter – Totally not going to work, complete silliness here. As you can’t take him seriously, he would be a great throw-away character, maybe just guest starring as a nod to the comics, with all of the other prisoners laughing at his ridiculous nature after his arrest (?).

Catwoman – There’s a lot of speculation that Catwoman will show up soon (there’s a brief, brief hint at Batman’s armor holding up against “cats” in TDK) but it’s been done before…twice. Sure they could probably whip up a cool little storyline for her, but there’s so much room for Batman to develop more before she shows up, I’d hate to see him get tangled up in a love story of any kind just yet. I’d hope Nolan would to play a little tougher than that.

Robin – I actually do think this would work at some point, though obviously not in the same capacity as the comics.They could even just skip and go right to Nightwing, or follow the Miller idea of having a female Robin (Ellen Page?). Again, it’s way too early in the Batman mythos to introduce a “new element” of a kid who Batman takes under his wing.Batman needs to be a loner for as long as possible before we even think about giving him a sidekick, especially after his losses in Dark Knight.

Hush – I wasn’t a huge fan of the comic storyarc (it got a little too shaky for me), but taking the concept of this manipulative villain and applying it to the Nolan universe would be pretty easy and acceptable.My only qualms would be yet another movie based on a Jeph Loeb story, which is pretty limiting given Batman’s entire history.

All in all, I’d really enjoy a double-fisted villain attack in the next one (Clayface the brains, Killer Croc the brawn) but really, they could completely continue with the ganglords and thugs approach that has worked well enough the last two films. But a brawl between Croc and Bats would whet the palettes of many fanboys out there, so I would expect something more than just knives and guns next time.  We have to remember this is a comic movie, and no matter how far Nolan has succeeded in making his Batman universe as close to our own, anything can still happen there.  And that’s just what we want to see.