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RIP Dave Stevens

March 12, 2008

Dave Stevens died on Monday from leukemia.  He is best known for creating The Rocketeer and for his skills as an artist, often noted for his pin-up girl illustrations.  He was 52.  The Rocketeer was one of those characters that not only appealed to me visually, but conceptually it was so intriguing to have a character based on the mythos of pulp heroes like The Shadow and The Phantom, but created today.  At the time, no one was really paying those pulp heroes much mind, and certainly The Rocketeer showed that they could be cool and be relevant to some degree.  For me, Dave Stevens helped bridge a generational gap; from my interest in The Rocketeer, I could go back and look at Doc Savage and The Spirit with a better understanding.  And of course, The Rocketeer film was one of my favorites growing up.  At any rate, hopefully his creations and ideas don’t die with him.  Carry the torch!