New Stuff 11/29/07

December 3, 2007

Marvel Zombies 2 #2 – Well, the story hasn’t really gotten me quit intrigued yet. I will give it another shot because the first zombie run was so fun, but honestly, this title might have been better left dead. A critical flaw in a lot of these “novel” ideas is overkill, and i can only hope that we can avoid that here. Tread carefully, Marvel, very carefully.  

The Sub-Mariner #6 – Yeesh, what a disappointment. The Sub-Mariner is easily one of (if not) my favorite Marvel character. He’s got history, he’s got charisma, and he is very unique. In this mini-series however, we are given a character that is both flat and linear, he strays too far from his recognizable self and becomes “something else.” My biggest grudge was the inclusion of a before unmentioned son, whom ultimately (WARNING SPOILER) he kills in an all too cowardly fashion (for Namor) to almost no real purpose. It was a dues ex machina, and most unwelcome. Please Marvel, do not this character become what he is turning into.

100 Bullets #86 – 100 Bullets really does need to be read all in one sitting, it’s so dense that the monthly break between stories/characters/plotlines really kills the momentum and pacing. I did enjoy learning more about Victor, who is probably my favorite of the Minutemen right now. This was a single shot issue, so don’t be too afraid to miss it, but something tells me it will be more important very soon. 14 issues to go! 

The Walking Dead #44 – Kirkman continues to crank ’em out. The Walking Dead is in the midst of one of the heavier storylines right now, with an attack on the prison our survivors have learned to call home. I see disaster looming, but you never know. One thing is for sure, blood will be spilt, and in buckets. I am secretly hoping this title ends soon, because it really is starting to become evident that you can’t go too much longer with these people, but I think Kirkman understands what he is doing, so for now, I do trust him. For now…

Invincible #46 – Kirkman is becoming the Brian Michael Bendis of Image (hell, even Marvel). Invincible takes a bit of a break while pieces come into play for the next assuredly intense storyline, but still entertains and maintains the freshness that it has always had. I cannot understand why this title has not gotten more acclaim, but maybe I like it that way too.    


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