Stuff I read: 8/29/07

September 1, 2007

This week was actually a kind of mix-up, as I missed some stuff from last week, but here we go…

The Walking Dead #40 & #41
The latest two issues actually were a bit of a break from the normal, as the cast settles into a life that isn’t nearly as threatening. While comparitively quiet to the rest of the series, the latest two help us get back to the characters and how they deal with a world of zombies. The final couple of pages in #41 are worth it too.

Invincible #45
Robert Kirkman’s Invincible is easily one of the better running stories in comics right now, both playing on the genre while also trying some new things. You can’t really say anything bad about this title, it’s just fun to read. This week we see some things starting to fall into place, and I can only think that Kirkman is setting up for an upcoming end to the series, which, while fun, has been lulling some in the last few reads. Although, Kirkman does seem unstoppable, and even his lulls are still interesting and fresh. Pick it up if you haven’t already.

Ex Machina: Masquerade Special This special issue is a flashback to back when Mayor Hundred was still the Great Machine. Illustrated by John Paul Leon (whose work on Earth X is easily one of my favorites), whose work here is quite welcome in the grittier story (sometimes Tony Harris’ work, while appropriate, can be a little too clean). I often enjoy BKV’s special issues, as they both allow for a single-shot story, but also other artists to come in and do something new. I enjoyed the issue quite a bit, and hope that we can get more of these specials more often.

World War Hulk: X-men #3
Hey, they survived. I don’t think I am spoiling anything by saying that, but the fight is still worth noting. The X-men have a strong case against an infuriated Hulk. It’s weird how much the X-men get sided nowadays, and aren’t really involved as integral to the Marvel Universe like they used to /should be. They deserve better, they deserve more, but they did survive the Hulk, so that’s something.


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