Stuff I read the week of 8/22/07

August 25, 2007

Astonishing X-men #22
The latest issue seemed a bit more grandiose than I would like, as I find Joss Whedon’s themes tend to be bigger than the page allows. I haven’t read his stuff since watching the entire Firefly series last month, and frankly, I feel like he should stick to television at this point, so that he can both establish the obvious comedic/dramatic timing that he intends every other page, and also provide us with more in each issue, as it often feels a bit rushed or cut off. Still, what happens next will either be a really bold move on Marvel’s part, or another cop-out that we have come to expect.

Immortal Iron Fist #8
Ed Brubaker seems to be moving in a different direction with this second run on his revamping/re-establishing of the Iron Fist character. Where the first run was an attempt to bring us back into the life of Iron Fist, this run seems to be more like a Van Damme flick (a fighting tournament? Really? Where’s Christopher Lambert?) and while it should be fun, I can’t help but feel like we are losing sight of the actual character while trying to flesh out an entire universe beyond our own (much less after only 7 issues just getting to know the character). I enjoyed it nonetheless, and expect it to be further surprising, as the first run really helped me like the character I had always made fun of as a kid.


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