Paul Pope’s “PULPHOPE”

August 25, 2007

Paul Pope is possibly the greatest hope for contemporary comics we have today. Ever since his work on Batman: Year 100, I have been fascinated not only by his art, but his approach to the mythos and deconstruction of comic books in general. Probably what attracts me to him the most is his seemingly similar appreciation for what comics “could” be and what they actually are, which are two different things entirely right now. Comics can be art, comics can be for everyone, and Pope certainly approaches the medium as art.

In PULPHOPE, we see a side of Pope that extends beyond just comics, noting his influences and schools of thinking. It’s a peak inside his process, his mentalities, and of course his portfolio and the many images he has done over the years. It’s mostly just exciting to see someone who is trying to challenge comic books to be something more; its obvious he loves the medium, but is frustrated by a lot that comes with it. From his appreciations of Kirby and Toth, to his artistic and commercial endeavours, this man knows his stuff, and that is very important when trying to create something new and exciting.

Pope is the kind of artist I can hope to one day become, fresh and adventurous, but most of all passionate and ready to change a medium that is dangerously close to becoming (dare I say) unoriginal (if it hasn’t already). He’s on course to do bigger things, all we can do is watch and wait.


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